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Believe In The Beauty Of Beginning

Emma Page

Philocaly Educator

As an extension educator, I believe in empowering stylists through education, transforming not only hair but also careers and lives. I am passionate about helping you achieve those lightbulb moments where everything clicks. Extensions are detail-oriented and versatile, capable of creating stunning transformations for guests and generating significant income for stylists.

Personalized Education

With a background in mastering various extension techniques, I understand the journey from novice to expert. My teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that everyone starts somewhere and we have to be bad at something before we CAN be good at it. I remember the first time I tackled a tape-in, closed a bead, or sewed a row. My goal is to create a safe space for exploration and improvement, guiding you every step of the way.

Versatile Techniques

In my classes, you'll learn more than just the V-Light method, though it stands out for its incredible invisibility and adaptability in challenging areas. You'll be able to choose from V-Light, a variety of weft methods, or even a masterclass if you want a little bit of everything! You'll gain confidence in your skills, discover new techniques, and understand how to apply them to provide the best results for your clients.

Empowerment and Confidence

Teaching extensions is about more than just the technical skills—it's about giving people their confidence back. It's powerful, emotional, and lucrative. My hope is that you leave my class feeling capable of pushing your boundaries and equipped with at least one valuable technique to use behind the chair.

Why Philocaly

I choose to partner with Philocaly because they share my dedication to quality and innovation. Philocaly's commitment to providing top-tier hair extension products and cutting-edge education ensures that stylists receive the best tools and knowledge available. Their values align perfectly with my mission to empower stylists, foster continuous growth, and deliver outstanding transformations for clients. Together, we strive to elevate the beauty industry, offering empowering and lucrative opportunities for stylists.

Join me and Philocaly in transforming not just hair, but lives, one set of extensions at a time.

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